Enclosed Transport

Extra Peace Of Mind While Shipping Your Vehicle

An enclosed truck provides optimum protection for your vehicle. There are two types of enclosure methods used by most car carriers.  One option is a Soft Sided enclosure. This option will allow some elements such as rain and wind to enter the trailer where your vehicle is loaded.  Soft Sided trucks will protect your vehicle from road debris, but there is a chance the vehicle will need to be cleaned after delivery since the truck is not fully enclosed.

Another option is Hard Sided enclosure.  These trucks typically have a lift gate to assist the driver load/unload your vehicle with ease.  The trailer will not allow the elements to affect your vehicle since it is fully enclosed.  Hard Sided transportation is typically used for luxury vehicles or for customers looking for extra peace of mind during their auto transport.

Both forms of enclosed trucks are typically more expensive to ship your vehicle. You can also expect a longer delivery estimate as well.  Less than 8% of the auto transport trucks on the road are enclosed carriers therefore the process of finding a qualified carrier to meet your needs can take a longer than open auto transport.