Door to Door Service

Car Shipping From Start To Finish

The carrier will travel as close to your door as legally possible. Most neighborhoods have restrictions pertaining to the size and the weight of the trucks that are allowed to utilize the roads in that specific area. Most 10-Car Carriers are 14 ft tall, 80 ft long and can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. They will need a large space to maneuver their trucks and it is not uncommon for a carrier to ask a client to meet them in a large parking lot in order to create a safe environment for your vehicle to be loaded/unloaded.

Although you may see large trucks in or around your residential  area, that does not always mean a car carrier can do the same safely.  Any low hanging branches from the main highway to your address will create an issue for a car hauler.  Box trucks do not typically have an issue with this because they are covered on top.  Car carriers are not covered on top therefore they must be very mindful of what is over head while driving at all times.  The most common areas for a car carrier to load/unload is a place of business that has a very large parking lot.  This allows the carrier to navigate safely to you and leaves ample room for them to pull their ramps out in order to moves vehicles on and off of their truck.