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Check out one of our latest 5 star reviews! Auto Relocation is what we do, if you need to ship a vehicle give us a call!

Holly D
Baton Rouge, LA

I shipped my car from Baton Rouge to San Diego, Casey and Matt were awesome to work with. They answered every question I had...and I had a lot of them. They were very responsive, my car arrived perfectly and just when I wanted it! Highly recommend them!

Watch a hood fly off a Toyota Camry, nearly hit a Jeep

Wisconsin high-school seniors pull off epic fake-crash prank

Peter Ring-5 Star Review

It was extremely simple to arrange for our car to be transported across country. We had some dates we couldn't accept delivery on and Matt got it set so it would work best for us. Car arrived as it was shipped, no problems. We had checked around a few companies and Ace was very competitive on price too. So all worked out great!

Snowbirds: Why winter visitors ship a car

 When my husband-to-be first mentioned the term “Snowbird” several years ago, I must admit that I thought he was talking about a specific kind of car or transport vehicle I had never heard of.  The term reminded me of a classic Thunderbird I guess.  When he saw the confused look on my face, he began to explain… 

Snowbirds are seasonal travelers who choose to leave higher latitudes and freezing temperatures to join a warmer region for the winter months.  Snowbirds seem to be intelligent humans who prefer longer days and sunny afternoons rather than bundle up at 4AM to scrape ice from their windshields.  Mostly made up of retirees, snowbirds tend to prefer locations such as Texas, Arizona, Las Vegas, California, and Florida.  

Although a significant portion of snowbirds still travel via motor home, there are still many that opt to fly.  This is where we come in!  We ship their cars to any destination they choose.  Since most of them will visit the southern states for months at a time, it only makes since that they would want their own cars.  Public transportation can be time consuming, confusing, and downright scary at times. Renting a car for three months straight is not a realistic option either. 

Since we are writing to you from Texas you may think that we are biased, but here's the thing...Texas is a thing of beauty and many of these intelligent birds forsake their own states actually choosing to move here permanently.  They cannot bare to leave our friendly southern lifestyle.  So, what do they do then?  They take on another rare namesake and leave the cold behind. 

The Sunbirds.  Now that they live permanently in the south, we simply ship their cars to the north for several weeks out of the year in order for our birds to visit family and friends.  It works out perfectly for everyone! 

I guess it is important to mention that these are my words and my descriptions of our birds.  Mr. Jackson would never dream of writing a 5-6 paragraph blog. 

For more information about Snowbirds, Sunbirds, or shipping cars in general, please contact us and we would love to give you more information!

Recent Car Shipped: 1969 Cadillac Fleetwood Serventy-Five (Exec Limo)


Take a look at one of our recent shipments. This is a 1969 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five (exec limo) we transported from rural Vermont to the Dallas Area. If you or someone you know needs to ship a vehicle please send them our way.  No matter what your needs are Ace Connect Auto Shipping can help you transport any vehicle nationwide.  



Fan Ship Customized Car to Supebowl


Another reason why people transport their vehicle.  He really is the ultimate fan.  Check out the video below! 



NFL Player Making Plays Off Of The Field

Great to see a professional athlete branching out and starting their own business, Nickell Robey from the Buffalo Bills plans to grow a fleet of 100 trucks over the next 15-20 years. Good luck to you Nickell, check out the full story below.



Would you drive an SUV over the worlds highest glass bridge?

Not only did the owners of the bridge have someone drive a Volvo SUV over it.  They also had twenty volunteers beat a glass panel with sledgehammers to prove it's sturdiness!   


Thousands of families making the move from major cities across the US to Texas

Over 30 major companies, and many more family owned businesses, are shipping their employees, cars, & belongings to Dallas from California, New York, etc.  Industry Experts are calling this Dallas' "Next Golden Age".


Uber considering self-driving vehicles

If you ordered an Uber and a self-driving car showed up, would you still catch a ride?